For the first time in more than two decades, the U.S. Department of Justice announced that it has opened a civil investigation against the Louisiana State Police. The Civil Rights Division is looking into the statewide policing pattern or practices of using excessive force and its discrimination against minorities. After extensive reviews, evidence, and reports accusing LSP of engaging in 'secret violence'. The DOJ will look at incidents where officers turned off cameras, accusations of LSP deliberately punching, using racial slurs, delivering blows to the head, using beating, and targeting Black men in particular.

This thorough and comprehensive statewide investigation of Louisiana's law enforcement agency comes in the wake of the 2019 tragic death of Ronald Green, who was brutally beaten to death after a traffic stop. This investigation will involve unprecedented cooperation among the Civil Rights Division and all three United States Attorney's Offices. Under review will b


e bodycam footage, LA State Police policies, training materials, incident reports, data and documentation collected by the department, how disciplined is imposed, systems of accountability, and much more. This is the fifth pattern-or-practices investigation under the Biden Administration. This investigation is to determine if LSP engages in a pattern or practice of violation of the constitution or federal law.

The DOJ will also open a voicemail and email box hotline so that people can submit the information directly to the DOJ concerning this matter. Below is the full announcement made Thursday, June 9, 2022, about the civil investigation of the Louisiana State Police Department.

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