So, this week Apple launched the highly anticipated iOS 16 beta update. It comes with several redesigned functions, overhauled widgets, and a host of major features Apple users are geeked up about. Now of course, just because you are an Apple Head doesn't mean you're as savvy as your gadget. So, we figured we'd put together a post that is user-friendly for longtime Apple subscribers as well as the newbies. Here to Top 5 things you need to know about the new update:

1.) Edit and unsend iMessages

2.) Personalized Lock Screen and Gallery

3.) Redesigned notifications, Safari, Notes, Maps, and Weather

4.) "Focus" Mode and Link for reducing distractions

5.) All New Notifications overhaul

Those are just some of the biggest, long-overdue controls, features, and cool new operations Apple users are raving about. There are so many new things to know and use with the Apple iOS 16 update like the newly redesigned text recognition images, dictation app, Spatial Audio, and SharePlay in FaceTime calls, ID cards in the Wallet the newly added privacy features, and much more.

If you have no idea how to find, work or use any of these technical awesome features we got you covered. Below is a super cool, "how-to video" that not only gives you the entire iOS 16 update rundown but shows you how to use everything. Enjoy!

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