If you work at Raising Cane’s then you have a really good chance at winning the Mega Millions drawing tonight! The founder of Raising Cane's Todd Graves has bought every Raising Cane's employee a Mega Millions Ticket for tonight's drawing.

There are currently 50,000 employees that work at Raising Cane's locations all over the country, Raising Cane's has 617 locations across 33 states and territories and is currently in 383 cities.

So we know what you're wondering. If one of those tickets wins the jackpot, will that one employee win the whole grand prize by themselves? Well, no not quite.

Drew Angerer
Drew Angerer

If one of the tickets bought by Todd Graves for his employees wins, each employee stands to win thousands of dollars as they plan to split the jackpot with all 50,000 employees equally.

The grand prize is currently sitting at $810 million and with that being said, we did some math. If one ticket wins the jackpot, each employee stands to win $1620 each before taxes.  Not too shabby since your owner and founder forked out the cash for the chance anyway.

In Southwest Louisiana, we have two Raising Cane's locations. There is one on Ryan Street in Lake Charles across from McNeese State University and the second one is located on Highway 108 in Sulphur, Louisiana.

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