It seems like every week there is another viral video coming out of the city of New Orleans—and usually, it's not good news.

Just this weekend, a scary video made its rounds showing an individual pulling a gun in the French Quarter; grazing the head of a man he was in an altercation with. It all happened so quickly, and the man who was grazed was lucky that things didn't go nearly as bad as they could have.

The latest wild video from NOLA is currently going viral, and the fight between two individuals isn't the reason why the numbers are running up.

The video, uploaded by @Dirt_E_Sanchez on Twitter shows an argument taking place on a sidewalk in the French Quarter. Whoever is filming the video from their cell phone is located inside a bar or restaurant.


The women begin tussling and fighting outside of the bar when one woman takes the other to the ground.

At that point, we see the unthinkable happen.

While the women are brawling, the woman in black slams her foot into a puddle of French Quarter liquids just off the sidewalk.


Anyone who has stepped foot on Bourbon knows that this unidentifiable juice is the last place you want any exposed body part to come into direct contact—and this woman just dunked her entire left foot in it.

Reactions on social media poured in.

It was a unanimous consensus that no matter what these women disagreed on, the fight would have been over the minute her toes hit that mystery water.

One Twitter user said there is no way she would have allowed her to ride in her car after this incident.

Someone else suggested just having her entire foot surgically removed.

So, if you ever needed a reason to NOT fight in the New Orleans French Quarter (or anywhere for that matter) let this be it.

Be safe out there—and never let your body touch the ground in the French Quarter.

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