The Louisiana Department of Health released numbers today the show an acceleration in the decline of COVID-19 across the state. The numbers reported today (April 5th, 2021) are a reflection of the last three days. That's Good Friday through Easter. In those numbers, the state had 886 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 to report across the state, which is an average of 295 per day for the weekend.

Those numbers bring the state's rolling 7-day average of cases to 266 cases per day. Over the same three day period, the state reported just 4 new COVID deaths. An average of just over 1 death per day for the holiday weekend. That brings the 7-day rolling average of deaths to 4.71 deaths per day.

One of the biggest notes comes in the hospitalization category, where the state reported a decline of 55 people from their previous numbers. Meaning there are just 292 people hospitalized with COVID across the entire state. Of those, just 49 are utilizing mechanical ventilators. On January 5th, the state had 1,974 people hospitalized with COVID, meaning todays numbers are an 85% drop in three months.

The largest change in those three months as been the introduction, and constant expansion, of the COVID-19 vaccine in Louisiana.

The Louisiana Department of Health reports today that 27.4% of the total state population has had a COVID shot. That's up from 15.4% on March 5th, and 8.7% on February 5th. Jumping 12% in a month, while growing in percentage change between February and March.

If that rate of growth continues over the next 30 days, the state would be close to 50% vaccinated by May 5th.


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