Louisiana is lagging behind in terms of the percentage of our population that in "fully vaccinated."  If you're wondering why that last part is in quotes, it's because lots of folks have started the process of protecting themselves (and others) by receiving one of the COVID-19 vaccines - but only those who have gotten the full course of either the Pfizer, Moderna, or Johnson & Johnson vaccine and waited 2 weeks after the last dose are fully inoculated and protected.

Currently, Louisiana's population is roughly 31% completely vaccinated.  That means that out of the 4.6 million people that call the Sportsman's Paradise home, only 1.4 million have met the CDC's definition of "fully vaccinated."

In order to pump those numbers up, Governor John Bel Edwards announced yesterday that any fully vaccinated Louisiana resident could enjoy the many, beautiful state parks in our state for free!  There's also a "Shot for Shot" campaign that will reimburse bars and restaurants that offer a free drink to the recently vaccinated, but that will only be available at participating locations and within 7 days of your final dose of the vaccine.  The free entry into state parks lasts through the end of July!

According to KFLY, the only thing you'll need to claim your free access to some of the most incredible views of mother nature Louisiana-style is proof of your vaccinated status - namely your vaccine card or your LA wallet app.

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