State Rep. Danny McCormick talks about his proposed legislation that would limit the states authority to implement and enforce COVID vaccination mandates.

A pair of GOP lawmakers have taken aim at proposed vaccine mandates, sending a pair bills to keep state and local government agencies from mandating immunization to receive certain services. Rep. Danny McCormick of Oil City has proposed banning agencies from refusing to give a permit or license to someone based on a business’ decision that it won’t require the coronavirus vaccine for employees or customers.

"You know I'm always fighting for people's liberty to choose what they do or don't do to themselves. What (HB 103) does is an employer who does not mandate the vaccine for his employees cannot be sued because he doesn't do that. It also (forbids) the government to take away his permit for not mandating the COVID 19 vaccine."

Here's what McCormick had to say on his bill, plus his opinion on the possibility that LSU might mandate students be vaccinated against COVID:

"It gives the employer the choice to mandate or not. We want people to have the freedom to make their own decisions."

And when it comes to what the Governor may do when should the bill come to his desk? McCormick says he doesn't know. "We haven't heard one way or the other," McCormick says, "All we can do is send good legislation to his desk and if he chooses to veto it, he does."


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