KLFY 10 reports former St. Tammany Sheriff, Jack Strain has been convicted of four counts of aggravated rape involving juvenile boysThe shocking news was announced Monday, November 8, the disgraced lawman is facing a mandator life sentence for the heinous aggravated rape case. However, his legal problems don't end with the sexual abuse case, Strain was also indicted on 16-counts of federal corruption while in office.

The former top lawman in Covington, LA. is still awaiting trial for his role in more than two decades of corruption. Strain was Sheriff for five terms until he lost reelection in 2015. He is charged with using his power as Sheriff to steer more than $1 million in profits from a work-release contract to himself, family, and friends according to New Orleans news outlets.

The 58-year old faces allegations that include crimes he engaged in before and during his time in office. He has pleaded not guilty to all charges. However, a co-defendant who worked for Strain pleaded guilty in the federal case for his role in the crime. After becoming a witness for the prosecution, he testified to being forced to be involved in the work release scheme and that he was also molested by Strain as a child. The witness said that he went to work for Strain at the sheriff’s office because he was in debt.

After Monday's verdict in the aggravated rape case, District Attorney Warren Montgomery said during a news conference “The evidence was compelling, overwhelming and convincing.” The jury heard testimony from five men Strain raped as children and students in high school. The men said they are still haunted by the traumatic experience. The sexual abuse has led some to drug addiction, nightmares, and several who struggle with PTSD.

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