KSLA Shreveport reports there is a manhunt in progress for Barry Rigsby, a 36-year old African American male, believed to be the main suspect in a gruesome triple homicide that occurred in Shreveport, Louisiana. The authorities say they were called to a home at roughly 2 AM Thursday morning after three bodies, including that of a 12-yr old boy, were discovered inside.  The mother of one of the victims notified the police when she enter the home through a back door and made the shocking discovery.

Police have reason to believe Rigsby is responsible for the murders and have issued an all-out manhunt to bring him in. Shreveport Police detectives tell 12 News they believe the incident is a result of domestic violence. Cpt. Jerry Oglee reported that Rigsby has a violent criminal history and should be considered dangerous.

Oglee said, “Right now, we developed a suspect (profile) that we put out a BOLO on,” Rigsby is still at large “Driving a possibly burgundy 2016 Dodge Journey, and that’s who we’re looking for.”

SPD says Rigsby is currently facing three charges of second-degree murder and highly recommend that he turn himself in immediately. Names of the deceased have not been released. Confirmed dead, are 1 adult male, a 12-yr old boy, and 1 adult female. They all have been tragically shot to death.

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