Governor John Bel Edwards recently announced Louisiana will soon be home to a $4.5 billion Blue Hydrogen Clean Energy Complex. The plant will be built in Ascension Parish and once it's complete, it will reportedly be the world's largest permanent carbon dioxide sequestration endeavor of its kind. Not only will this complex bring about hundreds, even thousands of new jobs with benefits and an average salary of about $93K, but it will also go a very long way in helping to reduce our carbon footprint on the planet.

Gov. Edwards said at the press conference, “This is a major industrial investment that will create quality manufacturing jobs while limiting environmental impacts, a goal envisioned by my Climate Initiatives Task Force.”

Gov. Edwards and Air Products Chairman, President, and CEO Seifi Ghasemi announced the company will invest $4.5 billion in the clean energy complex near Burnside, LA. According to reports, the clean energy complex will produce more than 750 million standard cubic feet per day of blue hydrogen. The carbon dioxide from the manufacturing process will be captured and then permanently sequestered. Air Products, is a leader in the gas manufacturer industry providing hydrogen and other gases to refineries and petrochemical plants across the Gulf Coast and around the world. The new carbon-capture project in Ascension Parish will be the first their first project in Louisiana.

Gov. Edwards said. “Carbon capture and sequestration are important to Louisiana’s efforts to reduce carbon dioxide emissions while maintaining jobs and growing our manufacturing base. This project is a clear demonstration of our ability to grow the Louisiana economy while lowering the carbon footprint of the industry.” Louisiana Economic Development estimates that in addition to 170 new direct jobs, 413 new indirect jobs will be created. The good news just keeps getting better, as Ascension Parish and the Capital Region gain 583 new jobs, the construction project is estimated to bring another 2,000 jobs over three years!

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