The White population in the United States has dropped for the first time since the 1700's in America, according to the results for the 2020 Census. Breaking down the numbers the White population has seen a decline by 8.6%, versus populations of color that have all had a increase. For instance the African American population(vastly undercounted) has increased by 5.6%, and it's probably much more than that. Nicholas Jones, a Census Bureau official said in an official statement that, “The U.S. population is much more multiracial and much more racially and ethnically diverse than what we have measured in the past."

For decades African Americans have been widely undercounted due to multiple addresses and different family structures. Results from the 2020 Census report was released on Thursday this week revealed the main reason for the drop in the White communities, was aging and dying off or fewer births. White people continue to be the largest racial group in America, but those numbers are quickly fading in the last decade from 40.1% to 34.7%.

In California, Hispanics are the largest racial or ethnic group and their numbers have jumped from 37.6% to 39.4% over the last 10 years. non-Hispanic white people are no longer the dominate group in California, Hawaii, New Mexico or the District of Columbia. as a place where non-Hispanic white people are no longer the dominant group. For more info on the latest 2020 Census, click here.

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