According to reports, a North Carolina couple was arrested on aggravated kidnapping and battery charges after an incident in the New Orleans area. Kenner Police say that a Houston man traveled to the area to meet up with a college friend, but was instead met by her husband who tied the victim to a chair and proceeded to beat him with a hammer and bat.

See the report from @NOLAnews via Twitter below.

The above report says that Malcom and Mishanda Reed were arrested in their home of North Carolina and are being held without bond until they can be transported back to the New Orleans area to face charges of aggravated battery, aggravated assault with a firearm, aggravated kidnapping, and armed robbery.

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According to the report, the 45-year-old male victim traveled from Houston, TX to the New Orleans area in order to meet up with Mishanda Reed. Reed and the victim met while in college in New Orleans and recently reconnected on social media. While investigators have reason to believe the two college-friends began some sort of affair, they also say that the victim was not aware that Reed was married.

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Reed and the victim made arrangements to meet at an AirBnB in Kenner, as she told the victim that she would be in town for a conference. The report says that this is where her husband, Malcom Reed, confronted the victim with a gun and proceeded to zip-tie him to a chair.

The report adds that the husband proceeded to interrogate the victim, while beating the Houston man with an aluminum bat and hammer. After the husband had gotten finished beating the victim, all while asking details of his and Mishanda Reed's relationship, the couple moved the victim's vehicle away from the property.

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The Reed's then left him on the street with a broken leg and other injuries to his arm and face. A passerby saw the injured man near a street corner in Kenner on the evening of June 27, 2021. Investigators eventually found the AirBnB where the alleged attack took place and discovered blood and other forensic evidence at the scene, per the report.

While investigators from Kenner Police continue to investigate the situation, they are looking to find if Mishanda Reed played a part in luring the victim to the AirBnB or if her husband forced her to orchestrate the set-up. Investigators believe that the wife was present for the attack and that she did not try to stop it, leave, or contact authorities.

As the investigation in the New Orleans area continues, this story seems to have the makings of a true-crime docu-series. I feel for the victim who, as far as the current details seem, got set up in a terrible situation.

The current findings from investigators paint a picture of some sort of torture situation where the husband wanted to know all of the details of his wife and the victim's relationship. Using zip-ties to bind the victim to a chair while interrogating and beating him is a brutal scene to imagine.

I hope the victim recovers from his injuries quickly as the North Carolina couple is transported back down to Louisiana to face their charges.

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