I'm a New York Mets fan.

Oftentimes, it's a one-sided relationship.

I put a lot into it, but they typically only reciprocate my fandom with emotional pain.

If it was a human relationship, even the most optimistic marriage counselor would tell me to get out.

But this is sports. And one day I will watch my favorite team win a World Series Championship as an adult.

LET'S F#$&!*GO METS!!!

My favorite team has a unique ability to accomplish the unthinkable.

Jacob DeGrom is in the midst of the greatest pitching season ever. As Mets fans, we watch with simultaneous glee and terror.

He's the best of the best. What could possibly go wrong? Well, anything and everything.

We enjoy seeing our team in first place in the NL East, but in the forefront of our minds, we extrapolate ways it will come tumbling down.

On Sunday afternoon, my Mets came back from a 6-0 deficit to earn a win in Pittsburgh. It came one day after they blew a six-run lead and lost to the lowly Pirates. Because..you know...the Mets. A swinging pendulum of play on the diamond and emotions amongst the fanbase.

Before their awesome comeback, Mets manager Luis Rojas was ejected after his team committed the dumbest bases-clearing error of the year.

Anyone who claims they were in disbelief while watching this gaffe unfold isn't a Mets fan.

Taijuan Walker touched the ball while it wasn't touching chalk, then argued with the umpires instead of hustling to get the ball.

Even after the game, Rojas stood up his belief it was foul. (For the record, I would do the same thing in his position)

In closing, I have three words for you.




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