National Ugly Sweater Day 2021 takes place on December 17 this year. The crazy-for-no-good-reason holiday is all about having fun. And Lord knows, we all need something to laugh about. So, some wonderful souls came up with an ugly sweater tradition that deserved its own calendar day. Thus, Ugly Sweater Day was born and is celebrated on the third Friday in December. It's time to rock your butt-ugly Christmas attire! The whole idea is to break every fashion rule you can and most of all have fun.

Ugly Sweater Day - YouTube
Ugly Sweater Day - YouTube

You really don't have to have much of an imagination to pull off an ugly sweater monstrosity. Matter of fact, as long as it fits you're good! The uglier the better. Invite your family and friends to participate. Tell your co-workers to save the date and make it a free dress day at work. Go all out! Buy one from your local Goodwill, go online or blindfold yourselves and go to town creating your own one-of-a-kind fashion piece. Decorate it with the loudest yarn you can find, use blinding glitter and flashing lights, and anything else you can find to ensure it is absolutely hideous! Below are a few ideas on how to make one, or figure out what to look for from years past and get your festive juices flowing from last year's National Ugly Sweater Day.

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