A running joke in Texas is that no matter what the legal speed limit is, we always drive 80. 60 MPH, go 80. 65 MPH, 80. 45 MPH, 55 because a cop won't bother pulling you over for that little over. While many Texans believe this, it's simply NOT the law. It doesn't matter if you're going one mile per hour over the speed limit, you can get a speeding ticket because you have plain and simply broken the law. But I'm not here to talk about the habitual speeders of Tyler, Texas, I'm here to talk about the fastest stretch of highway in the country that resides in Central Texas.

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Speed Limit is a Sore Subject for Me

In East Texas, the highest posted speed limit is 75 MPH for a stretch of Interstate 20. Which means that about 35 percent of drivers will travel at 90 or above. I really need to get off the people that disobey the posted speed limit but it's hard because all you're doing as someone who wants to speed is putting every other person on the road around you in danger. I'll stop for the sake of this article.

85 MPH Speed Limit in Texas

Some of you are aware, but a majority may not be, there is a stretch of highway in Texas where the speed limit is 85 MPH. It is a stretch of State Highway 130, that is also a toll road, that runs from just north of Austin to the south of San Antonio. The 85 MPH speed limit is the highest in not only the United States, but in both North and South America. The only spots in the world that have a higher speed limit are Poland, Bulgari and Abu Dhabi with 87 MPH speed limits. There are stretches of roadway in Germany and Isle of Man where there is no speed limit.

Top Speed Limit in the World

So I guess you can say that Texas has the sixth highest speed limit in the entire world. I guess that's pretty cool if you own a Hellcat Charger. Take that speedster on that stretch of Highway 130 and let er rip. If you really feel the need for speed, take your car to a track, or somewhere that's not a public road, and speed till your heart's content.

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