What a scary scene.

Watch as a plane crashes into the ocean in Huntington Beah, California.

The plane crash was captured by someone who was on the beach at the time the plane went into the water.

You can see lifeguards and others race to the crash site as soon as the plane went down in the ocean.

The pilot, who was reportedly the only person aboard, was rescued and no serious injuries were reported in the crash.

The plane that went down into the ocean is a banner plane, that you often see while on the beach, advertising for local businesses.

The FAA is investigating the crash and they have yet to determine what brought the plane down into the water.

Here's the video of the plane crashing into the water off the California coast.

Another video on social media shows those on the beach racing toward the plane seconds after it went down.

Here's a full report from the crash site and as you can see in the aerial shot here, the debris field was widespread following the crash.


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