The Covington student took the challenge literally and put a couple of classmates up to videoing the assault and uploading it to TikTok to prove she did it. On October 6, Jackson approached her 64-year old teacher after class and knocked her to the ground as she punched her in the face several times. At one point she, reportedly even attempted to pull her out of her wheelchair. As previously reported the 18-year-old student arrested was arrested shortly after the video of her assaulting her teacher went viral.

Now the Covington High School student is facing serious charges for her actions. Covington PD had originally charged the teen with battery of a school teacher, a crime punishable by 15 days to six months in jail. However, after looking at the video and other evidence, decided to up the charges to more serious offenses. Jackson is now facing 2 felony charges that could potentially get her locked up for the next 10-years! The Warren Montgomery D.A. announced Tuesday this week the teen is facing second-degree battery and cruelty to the infirmed

Meanwhile TikTok has denounced the violent dare and said it would take down any content that relates to the crime.

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