If you've ever been to the French Quarter/downtown area of New Orleans, it's a good bet that you've been to the Mississippi River ferry terminal at the foot of Canal Street. Generations of families have trekked to the terminal to take their kids on the short trip to Algiers, across the river on the ferry. It was a fun and cheap way to enjoy the beautiful riverfront in New Orleans.

And this week the ferry terminal is being dismantled to make room for a new terminal, set to open up in late 2022. A spokesperson for the RTA told NOLA.com that "the demolition of the existing, 41-year-old structure is largely complete, and that the terminal's gangway platform, vehicle and pedestrian ramps and arcade wall will be razed by December." The project will cost an estimated $43 million dollars, and will also feature a permanent barge to take riders across the river to Algiers Point. Two new catamaran ferries have been in service since last year.

RTA officials said in a statement on their website via NOLA.com "The new ferry terminal and pedestrian bridge will focus on providing better and safer accessibility to riders with limited mobility. The improved facility design will provide access to the terminal from above the railroad and streetcar tracks, which run along the riverfront."

The new Four Seasons Hotel is set to open in the former World Trade Center building next door to the ferry, and that should bring more visitors to the area to make their own new memories on the ferry. The newly designed ferry building will also connect the Audubon Aqaurium of the Americas to Spanish Plaza. Read more about the demolition of the old terminal from NOLA.com



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