It is no secret that since covid came on the scene in March of 2020 a lot has changed in our world and that is the same for the Olympic Games. The games are set to start this Friday, June 23, 2021, in Tokyo with several strict covid guidelines in place, one of which is that there will be no spectators in the stands. 

One Paralympian is fighting back against the new protocols that have been put in place. Becca Meyers, a six-time Paralympic medalist who is also deaf and blind has made the tough decision to miss the Tokyo Paralympics due to new covid protocols that will not allow her Personal Care Assistant to attend the games with her. 

In a statement released on the athlete's Twitter account, she states that her PCA has been allowed to attend international events with her since 2017. This would be the first time that her caregiver would not be with her at the games. Meyers went on to say that her request was denied by the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee (USOPC) since there will be one PCA to tend to 33 other Paralympians that will also be at the Tokyo games.  

It seems as though the USOPC is defending the decision by citing the rules that the Japanese government has imposed on the games. 

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Meyers told the Washington Post her decision to miss the Tokyo Paralympics will likely mean her Paralympic career is over. 

Meyers took home three gold medals at the 2016 Rio Olympics and was looking forward to competing once again on the international stage. While Meyers is upset and angry about the fact that she will not be representing the USA during the games she stated that she is speaking up for future generations of Paralympic athletes in hopes they never have to experience this kind of pain.

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