"The fastest two minutes in sports" has taken on new meaning after
Rich Strike
 80-1 longshotSonny Leon

 1.)didn't make the cut Ethereal Road

2.) Since the starting gate has been initiated in 1930, Rich Strike second horse in history to complete the race in the fasted time ever for a horse starting at the post position of #20. The 3-year old thoroughbred's run time was 2:02.61 and he won by three-quarters of a length over 4-1 favorite, second-place finisher Epicenter.

3.) The first horse to win the Kentucky Derby from the 20th post position was Big Brown in 2008. His run time was 2:01.92.

4.) Summer Is Tomorrow ran a quarter-mile in 21.78 seconds. However, he finished in last place 64 1/2 lengths behind Rich Strike.

5.) How did Rich Strike win the race? He never got winded. Had plenty of fuel left at the end of the race, while the other horses ran out of gas before it was over. He was also the closes horse on the rail, which gave him the advantage of a slightly shorter distance.

6.) Rich Strike's win was epic for many for many reasons. a.) A horse with nearly 81-1 odds doesn't go on to win the Kentucky Derby. b.) Jockeys like Sonny Leon, who've never won a high stakes race also never win the Kentucky Derby. c.) Owners with less than 10 wins over the course of their career never win the Kentucky Derby either.

7.) Meriwether Lewis Clark (grandfather of the explorer Lewis Clark) started Kentucky Derby in 1875 after getting inspiration from watching the Epsom Derby during a trip to London. Modeled after the Epsom, the original distance was 1+1⁄2 miles (12 furlongs; 2.4 km.) It was later shortened in 1896 to the current distance of 1+1⁄4 miles (10 furlongs; 2 km.)

8.) Male horses win the race more than females. Throughout Derby history only 40 fillies have competed and only 3 have won. On that same note, Rosie Napravnik had the best finish of any female jockey to date, taking 5th place riding Mylute in 2013.

9.) Only two thoroughbreds won the Kentucky Derby under two minutes and they were Secretariat in 1973, with a run time of 1:59.40 and Monarchos in 2001, who ran the 1 1/4 mile in 1:59.97.

10.) The traditional drink of the Derby is the mint juleps, and it's made with Kentucky bourbon, simple syrup, mint, crushed ice, and powdered sugar. More than 120,000 mint juleps are consumed at Churchill Downs every year.

Below are bonus videos to enjoy on all the do's and don'ts if you plan on attending the Derby one day. See the mint juleps looks like and learn how to make it, find out what to wear to the Derby, get some ideas while checking out some the most famous and outrageous Derby hats and much more. For even more interesting facts about the Kentucky Derby, click here.

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