We all know mother nature can have a mind of her own. Wednesday's thunderstorm brought much-needed rain to the state. According to the U.S. drought monitor and climatologists, Louisiana is experiencing extreme drought. Meteorologists report the state normally sees on average 50 to 70 inches of rainfall on an annual basis. In 2021 rainfall totals were above average for seven months. We had so much rain, that it also led to record flooding, especially in Calcasieu Parish. Many homes and businesses in Lake Charles were barely recovering from Hurricane Laura in 2020. New renovations from the hurricane were lost in the massive flooding from last years record-breaking rainfall.


In spite of that, rainfall levels dropped dramatically at the end of the year with October, November and December noted as some of the driest months on record. That might explain the crazy weather phenomenon that occurred Wednesday afternoon in the middle of Kinder, LA. A portion of SWLA was enjoying badly needed precipitation when in the midst of all that rain came a full-blown dust storm!  Local scientist and Meteorologist, Eric Graves happened to be on the scene to catch it all on video!

There's something you don't see every day, especially in Louisiana! Shouts out to the brave weatherman for braving all that dust to video the unusual weather event. Hopefully, the state will get a few more substantial rainfalls to pull us out of this record drought before the scorching summer months get here.

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