Scanning Project Blue Book reports reveals a fascinating UFO report that occurred in Wichita Falls, Texas.

I’ll never forget my first summer in Texas. I was working a little radio station on the northside of town and a listener to my radio show called in asking about the strange lights in the sky over her house. Sure enough, from our parking lot, I could see multi-colored lights hovering over the northwest part of town. No sound, the lights didn’t fit what you’d find on any traditional fixed or rotary winged aircraft, it just hovered there. I called Sheppard Air Force Base and was connected to the control tower. After explaining my strange reason for calling I was informed that the Air Force had nothing flying at that time and nothing was showing on their radar screens.


After several minutes the object began to move off to the Southwest. It was a quiet evening and had it been a helicopter I should have been able to hear it, but I couldn’t identify any unusual sounds at all. It also moved way too fast for a helicopter, when it left the scene it left in a hurry.

It was Unidentified, it was Flying, it was an Object of some sort. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. I’m sure there’s a legitimate explanation, but I certainly don’t know what it might be.

That was in the early 1980s. And that wasn’t the first time our city had been visited by UFOs. Consider this entry from Project Blue Book Archive, The Air Force research on unidentified flying objects from 1952 to 1969:

UFO Crash Wichita Falls
Project Blue Book Archive

Project Blue Book followed project Sign in 1947 and Grudge in 1949 so investigating unidentified flying objects was nothing new to the Air Force. The official document references the charred remains of a parachute and “Moon Dust”, the unofficial term used for recovery of “reported material from space.”

This document indicates that something unusual and unexplained fell to Earth just outside Wichita Falls on 23 September 1960, and the debris was taken into the custody of the Air Force. From there who knows where it went.

It makes one wonder what is in the sky over our heads at any given time.

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