New York is full of mysteries, some are cool, and some are just plain weird. The Thompson Park Vortex in Watertown is cool and super weird.

It is a paranormal site where people claim to "lose time", getting disoriented, disappearing and reappearing, and sometimes not reappearing - according to tales.

The Thompson Park Vortex in Watertown has such a long history of paranormal events, the city finally acknowledged the legend, and has even installed a warning sign located near the vortex. Over the years, observers claim the location of the vortex actually moves around the park.

As an added twist, the government's code name for Area 51 in Nevada? Watertown. The head of the CIA at the time, Allen Dulles, was from Watertown.

Supernatural investigators have inspected the vortex and discovered the presence of very high electromagnetic fields in the vortex. Does this account for people being snapped from this dimension to another? Maybe.

Another explanation is that very high EMF bands can cause people to feel "headaches, nausea, feeling watched, hallucinations, and intense illness."

One visitor to the site says high EMF can be attributed to mineral deposits below the ground. "There is no vortex, what is there has been proven throughout the years in regard to the iron deposits, quartz crystals in the limestone rocks along with copper combined they create electromagnetic fields that can cause you think of time lapses or disorientation," says Kevin Sherman on

If you want to check out the Thompson Park Vortex and decide for yourself, get to the park and look for the Area 51 sign near the entrance to the zoo.

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