I love a good conspiracy theory, but I hate bad ones. I probably hate the bad ones so much, because I love the good ones. Which means when the bad ones are really bad, they end up hurting the good ones I love.

For those not into conspiracy theories, you might be wondering what a "good" conspiracy theory is. Here are some examples of "good" ones:

- Moon Landing Isn't Real
- Fake Paul McCartney
- The Barksdale Bubble
- The 1984 Firecracker 400
- Avril Lavigne's replacement
- Area 51

I won't even give any time to the bad ones. But you know a bad one when you hear a bad one.

But there are a lot that fall in the middle too. Conspiracy theories that are plausible enough to not be "bad", but just out there enough to not be "good". That gray is usually where the magic happens with conspiracy theories.

So with my love of conspiracy theories, I was really pumped up when I saw that USDirect ranked The Most-Searched Conspiracy Theories For Each State. When I cracked open the rankings, it did not disappoint either. In fact, I learned about a whole new conspiracy theory...the New Coke Conspiracy.

Before we get into what Louisiana's most-searched theory is, let's break down the New Coke one. Here's what USDirect said about the New Coke Conspiracy:

"One of the more mild conspiracies on the list, New Coke was a misguided revolution-turned-scandal that rocked the 80s to its core. In 1985, the Coca-Cola Company pulled their original formula from the shelves and announced their new, better-than-ever beverage: New Coke. However, New Coke would only last 79 days, as complaints about the drink’s different taste reached epic proportions, sales plummeted, and people raced to hoard the last stores of the original soda. After the old formula was restored, the theories started about why Coke changed it in the first place: 

  • The failure was intentional on the Coca-Cola Company’s part to boost sales, as threats of being overtaken by Pepsi became a reality.
  • The switch was an elaborate plan to mask the replacement of real sugar in the drink’s mixture with high fructose corn syrup, which is less expensive.
  • The change was used to cover up the final removal of coca to satisfy the Drug Enforcement Administration at the peak of the “War On Drugs.”

So if Louisiana isn't down with the New Coke Conspiracy, what are they looking up? Well, it's not "black helicopters", even though if it was just New Orleans it probably would be. Shockingly its not "The Barksdale Bubble" either.

No, Louisiana's most-searched conspiracy is "Chemtrails".

Yup, that's it, "Chemtrails".

Here's what USDirect had to say about the description for the "Chemtrails" conspiracy:

"Ever notice the thin, cloudlike streams that airplanes sometimes leave in their wake against the backdrop of a blue sky? Those are called contrails (a conjunction of the words “condensation” and “trail”), and to some people the presence of long-lasting contrails is more menacing than simple streams of water. Many claim that these streams contain substances that the government uses for nefarious purposes."

To be fair, they did list "weather control" as one of the potential reasons for "Chemtrails", but we're not sure if that's actually what people believe is behind the impacts of The Barksdale Bubble or not.

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