Ever seen an upside-down Christmas tree? I remember the first time I saw one, I was like what in the world is that about. If you are like me and were curious, I did some digging on the history and meaning of this upside-down holiday tradition. This is what I found...

The display of the upside-down Christmas tree started way back in the 7th century by a Benedictine Monk in Germany named, Boniface. In case you didn't know Benedictine Monks follow the rule of Saint Benedict of Nursia. They are part of the monastic religious order of the Catholic Church. By the way, Boniface would later be venerated as a saint himself and became the patron saint of Germania (also known as the "Apostle to the Germans.")


According to legend, Saint Boniface used the triangular shape of a small fir tree to explain the Holy Trinity to Pagans in Germany. The Pagans would worship one of their many Gods, Thor, by leaving human sacrifices under his Thunder Oak Tree. One day, while preaching the gospel, Boniface chopped the tree down and used a small fir tree beside it, to teach them the word of Christ. He held the tiny fir tree by its trunk and as he preached. Thus leading to the first Christmas tree used to celebrate the birth of Christ.

So now you know! May the peace of Christmas and the true meaning of the Christmas holiday be with you all.

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