In the first-ever override veto session held by the Louisiana Legislature, the Senate has spoken on the two most controversial bills - a bill not allowing transgender athletes to participate in girls' school sports and a bill that would have removed the need to have a permit to concealed carry a firearm.

Transgender Sports Bill

The House will take up the bill next. Remember, a vetoed bill must pass two-thirds majority in both chambers to completely override the governor. As the vote commenced, bill author


Constitutional Carry Bill

Meanwhile, senators shot down West Monroe Senator Jay Morris' bill that would have addressed Constitutional Carry in Louisiana.

This likely kills that legislation for the veto override session.

House and Senate Adjourn for the Day


Meanwhile, all other vetoed bills voted on today by the Senate were not overrode.

Now, the Senate waits on the House as they take up other vetoed bills as well.

Future of Veto Override Session

Is the remainder of the veto override session just procedural? That is the big question after a position was announced by one key Republican senator from Marrero - Pat Connick:


Melinda Deslatte tweets, twitter screenshot
Melinda Deslatte tweets, twitter screenshot

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