Hurricane Laura nearly leveled Sam Houston Jones State Park pine forest. The Parks said after the storm passed, “It was utter devastation.” Burris recalls there were so many trees down that workers had to cut their way through the park's roadways. He added, “Every three to six feet we’d have to cut a pine tree. Push it off the road, go another three to six feet and cut another pine tree.”

It's been estimated that 98% of the trees were destroyed and that the destruction was in the thousands. The good news is that park employees were able to clear the damage and volunteers helped to reforest the park by planting almost 20-thousand trees.

There have been many improvements to Sam Houston facilities since its closure. The park is scheduled to reopen on Memorial Day, May 30, 2022 and residents will notice right off the bat that the campsites are barren and empty of trees. On the bright side, Sam Houston has 31 campsites that are now paved with hookups for utilities, a new wooden pier has been installed along the shore of the Calcasieu River. The park now has ten new deluxe cabins, with screened-in patios and outdoor fireplaces.

So it sounds like to me...Sam Houston in Moss Bluff is ready to get back to nature!  107 Sutherland Road, Lake Charles, LA. Phone (337) 855-2662, 1-888-677-7264

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