Don't miss the North Lake Charles community meeting Monday, February 21 at 6 p.m. at the Foundation House (720 Enterprise Blvd.) This is an opportunity for residents to speak out on neighborhood concerns, offer advice and ask questions concerning the area. Come out and be a part of the meeting, voice your concerns, ask questions and meet the community leaders representing your community.


Among the many areas of concern, tonight's meeting will allow North Lake Charles residents to address problems they see and live with. The agenda will also include information on continued drainage issues, infrastructure repairs and details about a new community initiative called the “Just Imagine SWLA.” Residents will also get a chance to meet and talk to various community leaders including the candidates for District A Lake Charles City Council, Mike Smith for Districts 2, and Eddie Lewis of District 3.

Special guest speaker, Sara Judson with the Community Foundation of SWLA, will give an overview of the “Just Imagine SWLA” initiative and explain how it will affect the North Lake Charles area.

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