Some residents in New Orleans tell WGNO-TV that the production crew for the hit series "Nightwatch" may have delayed treatment for someone who was involved in an accident.

Footage submitted to WGNO shows a production crew getting footage of the crash victim before he receives medical attention, and now they are asking if the medical team delayed their response so that footage could be obtained.

YouTube via A&E
YouTube via A&E

A spokesperson for the medical units said that the patient received immediate care and at no time did the production crew with "Nightwatch" interfere in their response time.

A&E has been producing "Nightwatch" for a few seasons now and the purpose of the show is to document what EMS workers have to deal with while out in the field.

Those who witnessed this incident in New Orleans tell WGNO-TV that they will never watch the show again on television after witnessing how footage is shot.

According to the witnesses in New Orleans, the production crew for A&E appeared to be very insensitive towards the victim while on the scene of the accident.


For those who may not have ever watched "Nightwatch," here's what the show documents, and here are shots from one episode in New Orleans.


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