Starting January 1, 2022, patients in Louisiana with a prescription for medicinal marijuana can light up. As previously reported, earlier this year in June, Governor John Bel Edwards passed into law House Bill 391. For the first time, Louisiana dispensaries will be allowed to legally sell smokable marijuana.

The new therapeutic cannabis is called Flower. legal on day 1 of the New Year. Ilera Holistic Healthcare is the contract grower and manufacturer of medical marijuana in Louisiana. Believe it or not, the center is on the campus of Southern University in Baton Rouge. Dr. Chanda Macias is the CEO of the holistic healthcare center and she said we have not even come close to understanding the vast benefits of natural medicinal cannabis. Dr. Macias said of Flower, that a lot of thorough research had gone into producing a market for the smokable medicinal marijuana because of the negative image some have with cannabis itself. She added, "Education and emerging research show the benefits for patients."

KPLC reports, Dr. Mike Strain Louisiana Commissioner of Agriculture and Forestry, revealed all three of the state's grow sites are ready for the new legislation to go into effect. As mentioned above, one of the sites is located at Southern University and the other two are at Louisiana State University. Together these grow sites have produced 185 to 200 pounds of product for distribution on Jan. 1, across nine sites in Louisiana. Incredibly, Dr. Strain confirmed Louisiana has a total of 28,174 patients who have been prescribed medicinal marijuana by their doctors.

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