Following LSU's COVID-19 vaccination policy for the upcoming football season inside Tiger Stadium, they've now announced what's expected from students.

If the reaction from LSU fans in regards to the vaccine mandate is any indication, LSU students and parents may not me thrilled with the university's latest announcement. This week, LSU president William Tate announced what students can expect on campus in Baton Rouge.

All students must be vaccinated, or be willing to undergo regular COVID-19 testing. This announcement comes after the FDA gave full approval to the Pfizer vaccine. Essentially, since there is a fully-approved vaccine readily available, LSU was more than ready to drop this bombshell of an announcement.

Tate says, "“If students don’t take the vaccination, which they have that right in Louisiana, they will be part of our testing protocol." According to their website, this protocol will include 25% of the unvaccinated group of students being tested for COVID-19 every single week. They say they will choose that 25% randomly, and every unvaccinated student will be tested at least once per month. Students who live on campus will be tested more frequently.

Tate says, "“My hope is we; we get so many people vaccinated that we can’t keep up, that’s what we want to have happen. But there is access to vaccinations, opportunity right here at LSU and here in Baton Rouge."

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