With Father's Day upon us, it's natural to have dear ole' dad on the brain. Being a parent is tough... especially for working parents. So, how does Louisiana stack up when it comes to taking care of working dads? The answer is, not good.

WalletHub did the legwork and found that things aren't so easy for working dads in the great state of Louisiana. It turns out that after looking at a number of different factors, Louisiana is the 3rd worst state to live and work in for working dads for 2021. While Louisiana ranks 32nd when it comes to Economic and Social Well-Being for working dads, we don't do quite as well in other categories. *ahem* We rank 47th when it comes to a man's life expectancy in the bayou state and that might be because working men in Louisiana rank 48th when it comes to the highest average hours worked per day.

Source: WalletHub

With Louisiana sitting in 43rd for Work-Life Balance, 49th for Child Care, and 48th for Health, we've got (plenty of) room to improve. Onward and upward Louisiana, onward and upward! But seriously, since being a working dad in Louisiana isn't all sunshine and roses, you should probably spoil him this Sunday for Father's Day!

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