Looking to get away? You're not alone, as many Louisianans are looking to state parks for an escape.

Now, the narcissistic side of me would like to take the credit for the surge in interest in Louisiana state parks. After all, I have spent a lot of time writing about awesome state parks in our great state. Just a couple of weeks ago I wrote about greatest hiking trail in Louisiana, located inside Louisiana's largest state park. You can find that article by clicking HERE. Before that, I wrote many articles about my love for state parks. My only regret is not falling in love with our state parks sooner.

Now, the realistic side of me knows exactly why state parks in our state are seeing a boom of interest, It's obvious, isn't it? Yep, you guessed it, it's COVID-19. Or a lack of COVID-19, I guess.

Let's face it, after a year of being trapped inside the house with our entire lives turned upside down seemingly overnight, we are all using 2021 to get out and do things. For a lot of Louisianians, that means getting out and experiencing the great outdoors of our state.

State Parks Deputy Assistant Secretary Clifford Melius says, "“We are literally booked solid. We are running in the high 90% occupancy rates across the state and that is not just the big parks around major metro areas, that is all of the parks statewide.”

This is great news for our wonderful state parks. Even better, their current run of success can lead to a better overall experience while visiting our state parks. Melius says, "We make a little money off of it, but it is not really about the money from those vendors, it is really about when people come to the parks they have those other amenities that allow them to stay longer.”


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