It's a well-known fact that the Hudson Valley of New York State is a hot spot for extraterrestrial activity. We are, of course, home to Pine Bush aka the second "Area 51."

Don't believe me? Just ask the hundreds of people who saw objects flying through the sky in the late 80s and 90s.

UFO sightings have been well documented in the Hudson Valley over the years. There have been episodes of shows like Unsolved Mysteries that focus on the burst of sightings in Dutchess County years ago.

Most recently, CBS Nightly News made a visit to Pine Bush as they looked into a "credible" Hudson Valley UFO sighting in Orange County.

You can now add another possible UFO sighting to the list.

We received an email from a Hudson Valley resident who is looking into a mysterious light her sister saw earlier this week.

In the email, titled "Mysterious light spotted in Kerhonkson last night,"  the writer shared that her sister saw a sizeable, bright light over Kerhonkson.

There were no little green or grey men that we know of, but we have to admit the light looks pretty ominous. Take a look for yourself:

P. Contant
P. Contant

The emailer tells us the photo was taken with the timelapse function on an iPhone 11, around 9 pm on February 9th, 2021 in Kerhonkson. They also explain that they watched the light about 15 minutes and then went inside. The light was still there by the time they went inside.

light 2

Here's another look at the light. If you notice the porch light is on and the light is still visible, plus look at the pup in the picture. He's reacting to the light too.

They share with us that there was nothing in the sky and no noises accompanying the light.

Interesting to say the least. Where are our UFO Hunters at? What do you think this could be? Were you in the Kerhonkson area this week, did you see anything?

There's only one thing left to say about this story, it's officially...out of this world.

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