This year has marked the beginning of new businesses and projects coming to the downtown area of Lake Charles. Three years after Hurricane Laura and Delta devastated SWLA, we are in a development boom. Mayor Nic Hunter said more than $100 million is being invested in downtown Lake Charles.

The state approved a tax increment financing request to help fund projects along the Lakefront and several projects downtown. This funding came with a stipulation that it is used solely for public needs and infrastructure development. Mayor Hunter said, "We are okay with that because these areas need a lot of investment."

Many projects are underway, with a few businesses hit hard by hurricane damage returning to the area, like Gigi's Downtown. There is also construction in progress on renovations to the Lakefront parking garage. But most of the development is coming from new companies moving into Downtown Lake Charles.

A New Orleans company, Green Coast Enterprises, is restoring the old Zephyr's building, a $12 - $16 million project incorporating food and beverage tenants on the ground floor and office space on the upper floors of the historic 40,000 square foot building. In a press release of the project, Jackie Dadakis, Green Coast CEO, said.

“We found a beautiful, historic building on the Ryan Street corridor that we get to return to commerce. It’s the perfect project for us. As with all Green Coast developments, partnerships with local businesses and building green are important to us, and this project will exemplify those qualities.”

The Green Coast project is scheduled to be completed by 2024. Here are more exciting details about major developments coming to the Lakefront, Downtown Lake Charles, several acres along I-10, and Enterprise Boulevard.

According to KPLC News, other big projects coming to Downtown and the Lakefront are a Garden Center, the Crying Eagle Brewery, Lake Area Adventures, Civic Center renovations, at least one new hotel, and the anticipated development on 8 acres alongside I-10.

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