If you are from Lake Charles or Southwest Louisiana there are certain things all of us have done that when it is mentioned, you say oh yeah I did that or I forgot about that. in our area, we had certain staples that were just things we did every week or places we would always go to hang out with friends and have a good time.

Yesterday we asked Southwest Louisiana and Lake Charles folks on social media this question, You know you're from Lake Charles or SWLA if you did ….?

Your responses were awesome. They brought back some great memories and for the people who responded they were also transported back in time. Here's what you had to say.

Downtown Lake Charles, La.
Scott Lewis

I started it off by saying "I’ll go first. Used up an entire gas tank riding up and down Ryan Street on a Friday night." I got responses like,

Bill said,

 Just to end up at the Kmart parking lot until the cops came to see who was drinking.

Angie said,

oh I remember those days and hanging out at the Civic Center or K-mart parking lot


Kim said,

yes, every Friday night. That is how I met my husband, at the red light on the corner of Ryan and Clarence street. We have been married 31 years.

Other memories people brought up were things like this,

Christy said,

Waited outside Wizard Fast Stop until you saw someone you knew who was 18 to buy you some alcohol. Am I lying??

Angie said,

Went to skate city in middle school

Skate City Skate (Facebook/Casey JOhnson)
Skate City Skate (Facebook/Casey JOhnson)

Sherwin and Webster both said,

Partied at John's barn


Stumbled across the floor at John's Barn.

Charlie said,

Spent countless hours with margaritas and Brad Brinkley at Peppers!

Dawn chimed in and said,

Sunday church at Fred’s with Static.


Lena said,

Partied on boats lined up at the seawall for Contraband Days
contraband days
you tube

Wow, all your responses brought back so many memories. Do you have one? Make sure to comment on this post on Facebook.

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