To fully understand exactly what's at stake here first requires the introduction of the star of our story.

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Some would argue that he is the most famous pirate who ever sailed the sea, and he once lived right here in Louisiana.

He is none other than Jean Lafitte.  Born in 1780 in France, Wikipedia says of Lafitte:

He was a French pirate and privateer who operated in the Gulf of Mexico in the early 19th century.


By 1805, Lafite was operating a warehouse in New Orleans to help distribute the goods smuggled by his brother Pierre Lafitte.


The Lafites moved their operations to an island in Barataria Bay, Louisiana. By 1810, their new port had become very successful; the Lafites had a profitable smuggling operation and also started to engage in piracy

Photo by General Photographic Agency/Getty Images
Photo by General Photographic Agency/Getty Images

It's that piracy that has lured hundreds, if not thousands, of treasure hunters to Louisiana's coastland.

According to, that piracy led to buried treasure and more specifically, the Mystery of the Unfound Treasure.

....believed by some to have buried a large cache of treasure somewhere in the bayous of Louisiana. Other variations of the mystery say Lafitte buried the treasure in multiple locations along the Gulf Coast.

Lafite's treasure isn't the only one still waiting for someone to find it.

The website says there are a total of 23 locations around Louisiana holding various buried treasures.  Of those sites, only one treasure has been found.  That was the Jefferson Island Treasure with three treasure chests filled with an untold worth.


But the fact that there was indeed a buried treasure could give credibility to the other possible locations, and one of those is less than 90 miles from Shreveport.

Just take a look at these Lost Treasures Of Louisiana

See These 22 Pirate Treasures Still Hiding in Louisiana

Louisiana was long inhabited by internationally known pirates including Jean and Pierre Lafitte. And long has been the legend that these pirates buried untold fortunes in unfound treasure all over the state. Just look at where some of those treasures are still rumored to be buried to this day.

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