Gator is teaming up with Dewanna's Closet and Sale Street Baptist church this weekend at Market Basket on Lake St. from 9a-1p as we take in food for CPSB students. Did you know 30% of students attending Calcasieu Parish Schools do not get a meal outside of the daily lunch at school? That means when they aren't at school, there is a good chance they aren't going to be able to have an actual meal. This goes for holidays, breaks, and summer as well. There have been many cases where older students are sneaking food into the bags to take home for later or for their other siblings back at home. This did not sit well with us at Gator 99.5 and Townsquare Media Lake Charles. We have been fortunate enough to be able to team up with Sale Street Baptist Church, Dewanna's Closes, and Lake Charles Toyota to shed some light on this issue.

Join us this Saturday at Market Basket on Lake Street in Lake Charles from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm to take non-perishable food donations. We will take those donations and deliver them right to Dewanna's Closet in order to help these kids in Calcasieu Parish. This will not be the only time we will do this drive. We are hoping to do this same drive before each major run of breaks: Summer, Spring Break, Christmas, and Back to School.

Market Basket - 929 3rd Ave, Lake Charles, LA 70601

So check out your pantry for non-perishable food, or stop by your favorite grocery store and buy a few. You can even buy it all from Market Basket since we will be there! No matter what, help us help the kids of Calcasieu Parish Schools, and let's get rid of that 30% fact. We hope to see you out at Market Basket this Saturday on Lake Street in Lake Charles from 9a-1p.

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