SWLA has seen a stark rise in homeless residents in the past few years. Monday, Feb. 20 Calcasieu Office of Human Services joins a statewide effort to end it. However, they need the publics help to get an accurate count of how many people are homeless in the city.

Monday, Feb. 20 in combined effort on this initiative city and state officials are sending out a survey, "Point in Time," to get input from the public. Erika Doshier, with the Calcasieu Office of Human Services explained, the goal is to get the money and resources needed for our area to provide proper housing/shelter for residents who have fallen on hard times.

Doshier says they turning to the public to let them know if they know of or see unsheltered people and to include them in the survey. This is a statewide effort to end homelessness and United Way, the Marshal’s office, Water’s Edge, and Kelli Stawecki are among those helping with the survey.

For more info on the survey or homelessness in SWLA click, HERE

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