Sorry, Disney/Pixar fans, but Crocs' exclusive adult-sized Cars clogs are sold out.

On Tuesday (April 27), Crocs re-released their highly anticipated, limited edition Lightning McQueen adult clogs. The Crocs, which retail for $49.99, were immediately bought up by bots and scalpers who are currently reselling the shoes on websites such as eBay, where bidding, buy-it-now and pre-order pricing begins at $150 and goes up to $375.

Disney and Pixar’s Cars Crocs for adults feature Lightning McQueen graphics and "long-lasting" LEDs that "light up with every step."


Fans have taken to Twitter to express their anger and frustration with the sale of the hard-to-get rubber clogs featuring their favorite Disney character.

“If i don't get lightning mcqueen crocs i will kachow myself off a bridge,” one Twitter user wrote.

“If you bought the lightning mcqueen crocs just to resell for 3x the price ur moms a wh--e,” another added.

In 2017, Cars fan Colin Bonner created an online petition on called “Make Lightning McQueen Crocs in Adult Sizes,” pleading for Crocs and The Walt Disney Company to create their Cars collaboration line in adult shoe sizes.

“It is unfair that there are adult sizes in many other movies and cartoons, but not Lightning McQueen! People around the world deserve equality,” Bonner wrote on the petition page. “So many more people would buy the Crocs if they were in adult sizes. People from around the Earth believe this problem needs to be considered and addressed."

In 2019, the campaign, which garnered over 30,000 signatures, achieved a victory when Crocs announced on Twitter that they would be releasing Lightning McQueen Crocs in adult sizes, even offering Bonner the first pair. The release sold out quickly and Crocs and Cars fans have been waiting patiently for the collaboration to make a comeback.

If interested in copping the Lightning McQueen Crocs, you can sign up to receive updates on potential restocks and any future collaborations by registering your email on the Crocs website.

If you were lucky enough to grab a pair, you will be able to slip them on for a trip to Disneyland when Radiator Springs at Disney California Adventure re-opens on April 30, 2021.

See more reactions to the limited edition Lightning McQueen Crocs sale catastrophe, below.

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