A $9 million dollar piece of real estate in northern Westchester County, New York has put a spotlight on a little-known community known as the Billionaire Dirt Road.

Think ultra-rich in the New York region and, of course, parts of Manhattan come to mind as does the Hamptons on the far stretches of Long Island. Perhaps a little more hidden, although made famous as the post-Preidental family residents of Bill and Hillary Clinton in Chappaqua, is the portion of Westchester County about 50 miles north of New York City and on the Connecticut border. Specifically, when we're talking the Billionaire's Dirt Road, it's the town of South Salem, which is the northwesternmost corner of Westchester County.

Westchester Magazine profiled each home in this tiny, tony neighborhood. Just how tiny? We're talking like 6 houses here along an easily overlooked dirt track called Vail Lane.

Each home seems to have a story to go with it. Area radio morning show hosts, Ethan and Lou who broadcast on i95 in nearby Danbury, Connecticut were surprised to be life-long area residents who had never heard of the enclave. They discussed it on their show recently describing the area:

There are entertainment titans, Hedge Fund wizards, philanthropists, secrets, murder and sex.

It's a fascinating 7-minute segment to hear what their research uncovered.

(Editor's Note: Lou Milano is a frequent contributor to UltimateUnexplained.com)

The property up for sale that sparked the interest in the Billinoair'e Dirt Road was owned, as the New York Post reports, by

Mitch Slater was known as “one of the architects of the modern concert era” and his brother Andrew was formerly the CEO of Capitol Records,

The 12,655-square-foot Colonial-style mansion, on Vail Lane, was built in 2006, and sits on 10.48 acres.

The estate is “a fine place” for “retired show horses, or rescue horses, mini donkeys, alpacas, or goats,” a spokeswoman for the property said.

So if you are ever in the area of South Salem, New York, swing down the Billionaire's Dirt Road - it's a public thoroughfare - but don't stay long. You can't afford it.

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