You may have noticed, gasing-up has become a high-tech process nowadays. The gas pump and paying for gas have evolved over the last 10-years. We went from the credit card payment option to use our phone and location to get gas with Google or Apple Pay. Some gas stations even offer you a little TV to gawk at while you pump.

This can be a good or bad thing depending on the content. It's not that I hate gas pump TVs, it really doesn't bother if stations have them or not. However, some of them are way too loud! God knows we all watch enough TV. Plus, most of us are bombarded with news, especially political news and ads in our everyday lives to the point that we've become news junkies or stopped watching the news altogether. We are even targets of unwanted advertisements when we surf the net, go on social media, and scroll on our phones.

The last place we need to get more of that "political news-like" aggravation is at a gas station. Right? I always zone out when I pump gas (don't know why) and invariably I jump 10-feet high every time the overflow clicker, on the nozzle clicks.

If that doesn't shock me into reality, the blaring volume of the pump TVs is enough to make your heart skip a beat. They come on when you least expect it and usually are cranked up at max volume, I'm assuming to muffle other outside noises. It can be a little irritating especially if it's more political ads! Not just that, but you may want to drift off into the blissful sounds of silence for the 5 or 7 minutes it takes to get gas.

If you're tired of your ears ringing, jumping out of your boots when the pump TV comes on, or want to hear here yourself think, I just found out there's a lifehack that will allow you to put a zipper on the volume. It works at almost every station with a TV.  I wish I would've known about it sooner, but hey, it's better to know now than. All you do is push any of the buttons on the right side of the TV screen. From there, the volume shuts off immediately! Is that cool or what? I'm weird like that.

Well, if you happen to be a weirdo like me, go ahead and give it a try!  I plan to do the same myself when I get off today. From what I understand the button to lower the volume should be the second one, if not, press all of them until the volume goes down. Walla! Who knew right?

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